The Vain

The Vain
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    The Vain 2020

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    Eliot Rahal

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Chicago, 1941. A blood bank is held up in a robbery, but no cash is taken—only blood. Its the latest in a string of similar crimes and FBI Agent Felix Franklin is certain its part of a wider plot. But the truth is much more sinister than he could imagine. The four robbers—who call themselves The Vain—are vampires: immortal, physically powerful, and after decades of honing their skills, practically untraceable. But in a world that is rapidly changing, stealing blood is harder every day and with each decade that passes, Agent Franklin inches closer to the truth. Eliot Rahal, Emily Pearson, and Fred C. Stressing kick off a series that spans nearly a century of wild eternal youth and reckless abandon across history.

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