The Mask Of A Thousand Tears

The Mask Of A Thousand Tears
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    The Mask Of A Thousand Tears 2020

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    David Chauvel

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The Mask Of A Thousand Tears Average 5.00/5 - out of 1 total votes.


After a horrific battle in a mythical Asian land, a peasant soldier with a mysterious past encounters a young woman who has come to find the body of her dead fiancé. She is determined to travel to Takedo Castle and get her hands on the Mask of a Thousand Tears, a golden mask which will allow her to travel to the underworld and bring her fiancé back to the land of the living. The peasant, Masamura, accompanies Sadakyo on her quest. She discourages him but soon learns that she has no chance of surviving without his help. They are both determined, for different reasons, to see this mission through to the end, no matter what the cost. A story in two volumes.

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