Hulk vs. The Avengers

Hulk vs. The Avengers
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    Hulk vs. The Avengers 2020

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    Greg Pak

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    Superhero - Marvel

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Collects Avengers (1963) #3, Iron Man #305, Incredible Hulk #316, World War Hulk #1, Immortal Hulk #7. The Hulk was one of the founding Avengers... but theres always been fear and mistrust between the Jade Giant and Earths Mightiest heroes. Collected here are the biggest battles between the them, from their first scrap with Namor providing additional muscle for the Hulk to the Avengers looking to put an end to the Immortal Hulk. The Avengers have created Hulkbuster specifically to stop him and even exiled him to a different planet but they always learn the same lesson: you wouldnt like Hulk when hes angry.

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